Investing in multifamily properties – apartment complexes in West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.  Creating INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES for YOU.


Ashley B. Garner, President of ABG & Associates - Investments

Ashley has dedicated his entire career to real estate. 

Student housing and multifamily operation and ownership for 20+ years.

Licensed Real Estate Broker for 20+ years.

Owner of highly successful real estate sales team.

Owner of property management firm which manages currently owned

multifamily properties.

Highly regarded by members of the industry as a sincere and trustworthy

leader in the industry.

Respected in the community for dedication to the betterment of the area,

its organizations, charities and neighborhoods and for leadership.

A Bit More About ABG & Associates - Investments

Why Invest with ABG & Associates - Investments?

  • 100% full-time focus on real estate

  • Team of the best professionals in the business with specific attention to:

  • Respect from the community, clients and peers

  • Known for the sincere honesty and care with which we treat our clients and peers.

  • Strong social capital  - relationships are the most valuable asset we can have we are blessed to be very wealthy in social capital.

Keep tuned in as we add multi-family investment opportunities for you!